Prisoner Cell Block H – Where Are They Now?

val lehman then and now from prisoner cell block h

Where Are The Prisoner Cell Block H Characters Now?

Most of you will remember Prisoner Cell Block H (well I am assuming so – otherwise why would you be on this website…) So lets see what the original cast members are up to nowadays!

Wentworth Prison is the modern, updated version of Cell Block H – it has been extremely popular, but nothing beats the original.

prisoner cell block h cast members

Val Lehman

val lehman then and now from prisoner cell block h

Starring in over 400 episodes as prisoner Bea Smith; Val Lehman was a long standing character on the show. She left in 1983 and many will say that she is by far the most recognisable star of Prisoner Cell Block H. She went on to make guest appearances in dozens of Australian TV series including: Good Guys Bad Guys and Something in the Air. She also appeared in theatre shows including The Wizard of Oz, Steel Magnolias and Driving Miss Daisy.

Fiona Spence


fiona spence from prisoner cell block h then and now

Also famous for her role as the gossiping neighbour in the Australian soap opera Home and Away; Fiona Spence played the role of senior officer Veronica Bennett for 222 episodes!

Kerry Armstrong

kerry armstrong then and now

Kerry Armstrong left the character of Lynn Warner behind to go fulfil her dream of getting a break in Hollywood. Kerry starred in Dynasty and Murder She Wrote and worked with Geoffrey Rush in Lantana; for which she won Best Actress at the American Film Institute Awards! Recently she wrote her debut novel: The Circles.


Anne Charleston

anne charleston then and now

Anne Charleston is much more famous and known for playing Madge Bishop in the hit soap opera, Neighbours… But did you know she had several roles during her time on Prisoner Cell Block H?! Anne played; a policewoman, Brooke’s evil daughter and Reb Keen’s mother. She has also been cast in Emmerdale, Holby City and Doctors.


Andy Anderson

andy anderson prisoner cell block h then and now

For years Andy Anderson played the role of tough officer Rick Manning in Prisoner Cell Block H. When his time on the series ended, he didn’t stop with his acting career. He bagged the role of Kevin Baker in Home and Away and the head of the Scully family; Mike Scully, in Neighbours. In more recent years, Anderson played the part of the Sheriff in the hit teen horror – House of Wax.


Julia Blake


Julia Blake had various roles in Prisoner Cell Block H, including Nancy McCormack, Evelyn Randall and Alice Dodds. In more recent years Julia has starred in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as the ill fated Heather Hudson.


Who was your favourite character in the show? Not included in this list? Then check back soon for part 2 of Prisoner Cell Block H – Where Are They Now.

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