Prisoner Cell Block H – Where Are They Now Part 2

penny downie cast member then and now

Prisoner Cell Block H – Where Are The Characters Now?

Most of you will remember Prisoner Cell Block H (well I am assuming so – otherwise why would you be on this website…) So lets see what the original cast members are up to nowadays!

Wentworth Prison is the modern, updated version of Cell Block H – it has been extremely popular, but nothing beats the original.

Anyway, here is part 2 of `Where Are They Now`. I hope I haven’t missed any of your favourite characters off; if I have then leave a comment below!

Anna Hruby

anna hruby prisoner cell block h then and now

When Anna Hruby’s character Paddy Lawson was viciously murdered in Prisoner Cell Block H, Anna took on the role of a teacher at Summer Bay High School; Judith Ackroyd, in Home and Away.

Bill Hunter

bill hunter from prisoner cell block h then and now

Bill Hunter played George Lucas in Prisoner Cell Block H. He sadly passed away in 2011. After his role ended in Prisoner, he starred in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and Muriel’s Wedding and Minder too. He also voiced the dentist in Disney’s hit film Finding Nemo.

Shane Connor

shane connor then and now

Another star of Prisoner Cell Block H that went on to star in Neighbours as part of the Scully family; he swapped his role as Bongo Connors in the cells to become Joe Scully in Neighbours for almost 400 episodes! He is currently working on the sequel to hit cult film Wolf Creek and has squeezed in a chocolate bar commercial along the way.

Penny Downie

penny downie cast member then and now

Penny Downie began her acting career by playing Kerry Vincent in Prisoner Cell Block H. When her role ended, she went on to work on more crime drama series such as Minder, Silent Witness, Ripper Street, New Tricks, Doctors, Waking The Dead, Inspector Morse and more! The list seems to go on forever! It seems that Penny’s natural forte is crime drama and those programmes alike. She has also appeared in the stage show Hamlet with David Tennant.


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